Where can I view the fines and fees that are on my library account?

WPLS borrowers may incur fines for lost and damaged materials and for overdue fines on items borrowed from select collections and kept past the item’s due date.


While it is always possible to call or visit your local library to inquire as to whether you have fines on your account and any details associated with them, you can also access this information through your online account.


To view your account standing, begin by logging into your online WPLS account. For help doing so, click here.


Once you have logged into your account, look in the top right hand corner of the page and click on the red circle with the number. This red circle and number pops up any time something in your account needs attention.









Next, you will be able to see the issue that requires your attention is a matter of fines. To learn more about these fines, click View Fines.







Now, you can see the specifics of the incurred fines, as detailed below.







To remedy any and all fines or if you have any questions regarding the fines, please contact your local WPLS library branch.


To view the WPLS Borrower Debt Policy, click here.


To log in to your account, click here.