Board of Trustees

Authorized by the Oklahoma Library Code and Article X, Section 10a of the Oklahoma Constitution, WPLS operates under the direction of a library board appointed by the County Commissioners of the four counties it serves; in counties with no towns of 2000 or more the board appointment is done by County Seat Towns. The System Board is composed of eleven people and meets bi-monthly to approve bills and policy.


The current WPLS board schedule can be found here:  WPLS Board Schedule for 2017

The current WPLS board agenda can be found here: September 8, 2017 Board Agenda


The current Western Plains Library System Board roster:

  • Dale Tracy (Chair): Appt. By Town of Cheyenne
  • Marva Webb (Vice-Chair): Appt. By Washita County Commissioners
  • Jackie Duncan (Treasurer): Appt. By City of Weatherford
  • Colette Greene: Appt. By City of Cordell
  • Darla Johnson: Appt. By City of Clinton
  • Geri Hough: Appt. By Custer County Commissioners
  • Barbara O’Neill: Appt. By Roger Mills County Commissioners
  • Anneva Sander: Appt. By City of Seiling
  • Bart Watkins: Appt. By Dewey County Commissioners
  • Pat Kourt: Appt. By City of Thomas
  • Janet McEwen: Appt. By Town of Sentinel