Through Zinio you have access to the WPLS digital newsstand and can take all of your favorite magazines with you wherever you go and read them at any  time.


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The following are some important facts about Zinio:


Are there any fees?

No, all magazines provided by WPLS are free.


Then why am I being asked to pay for a magazine?

Zinio is a commercial site that sells digital magazine subscriptions. However, all magazines provided by WPLS are free. When you are choosing a magazine, be sure to do it from the WPLS Zinio site and NOT the Zinio website(www.zinio.com).


Why do I need a Zinio.com account?

In addition to having a library card you need a Zinio.com account to manage and read your magazines.


How many magazines can I download?

There is no limit.


How long can I keep the magazines?

You can keep them forever or until you delete them


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