Death by Chocolate


“The air is hot and rich with the scent of chocolate. Quite unlike the white powdery chocolate I knew as a boy, this has athroaty richness like the perfumed beans from the coffee stall on the market, a redolence of amaretto and tiramisù, a smoky, burned flavor that enters my mouth somehow and makes it water. There is a silver jug of the stuff on the counter, from which a vapor rises.”

-Joanne Harris, Chocolat


death by chocolate


The options are limitless when it comes to confections that one can produce or procure with chocolate. You may choose to have it in a sweetly simple bar to savor bite after bite, or you may choose to have it in liquid form combined with fluffy marshmallows and frothy milk. In this program, attendees will make deliciously decadent truffles.

As you make your truffles, remember to take time to breathe slow and deep giving yourself over to the heady vapors that entice the senses and the complexness of flavors in each bite, for it is a tiny escape to a world that is smooth and rich and divine.


“Happiness. Simple as a glass of chocolate or tortuous as the heart. Bitter. Sweet. Alive.”

-Joanne Harris, Chocolat


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